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Vol au Musée de l’Homme


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Katsuya Terada

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There has been a lot of stuff going on at Out of Step Arts here in the last little bit. I’ve been adding new books and original art to the store, you can buy shirts with designs from the artists in the OOSA Bodega, and now, the OOSA Print Shop is open where you can buy high quality print-on-demand fine art Giclee prints. We have several prints available already and we’ll be adding more all of the time, including some from a few of our friends!

So to help get the word out about all of these great things being offered to you by the OOSA artists and to celebrate our upcoming 3-year anniversary, I want to give you an opportunity to get free stuff! It’s easy, all you have to do is share this post.  

How it works:

  • Anyone who reblogs this post will be entered for a chance to win a free print from the Print Shop. “Likes” are appreciated, but they won’t get you entered in the contest.
  • On 8/1/14, I’ll randomly select three (3) people as winners. Winners will be notified via Tumblr, so be sure you have your ask or mail features activated. 
  • The three people selected will let me know which print they want based on what is in the Print Shop at the time the contest ends. We have currently have 7 prints, but plan on adding more. (*Some restrictions may apply, but I doubt it.)
  • I’ll mail you your print for free worldwide! Winners will not incur any costs or fees.  
  • If the person(s) selected cannot be contacted via tumblr, do(es) not respond timely, or declines, another person(s) will be be chosen.

Not bad for clicking a button, huh? 

Out of Step Arts features Alexis Ziritt, Nathan Fox, Logan Faerber, Ming Doyle, Andrew MacLean, Toby Cypress, Liz Suburbia, Paul Maybury, Chris Visions and Greg Ruth. 

You can find OOSA on Twitter, Instagram and online at www.outofsteparts.com.

Thanks for getting the word out about OOSA. Your help is certainly appreciated. Good luck!

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Блин, крутяк


STREET ANGEL 3, page 11

Street Angel’s frequent partner-in-crime, the Bald Eagle, hurls himself into danger!

Order STREET ANGEL at your local comic book shop or Amazon now. You can also get issue 1 on Comixology from Monkeybrain! SEE more Street Angel art here.

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spectacular art from Brian Bolland 



Read about this week’s cover, “Cap’n Ahab’s,” by Bruce McCall: http://nyr.kr/1parNxd

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GOT charachters by Wouter Bruneel

Wouter Bruneel


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